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When Temperatures are High, We Bloom

Cella Cyclamen Seeds


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In 2004, Dr. Gideon Scovel, a well known breeder of ornamental plants, and Adv. Amir Drori, Agronomist and Cyclamen grower with over 40 years of experience in cyclamen growing, co-founded Décor Breeding to cultivate long lasting cyclamen varieties which are suitable for hot and dry weathers, the Mediterranean climate for mass usage in outdoor gardening and landscaping around the world. 

Cyclamens are perceived as the most luxurious beloved indoor and outdoor plant by both consumers and landscape gardeners in Israel. The wild cyclamens can be found under boulders or big rocks in national forests. "Sela סלע" is the Hebrew word for a big rock or boulder. Our usage cell reproduction is inherently embedded in everything we do, making it natural for to connect the words Cell and Sela into a beautiful brand name named "Cella סלע" = Cell+Sela.

High Level of Uniformity 

We have 350 parent lines that have been cultured at a level of high uniformity that allows us a mass production of F1 Hybrid varieties. 


We Innovate in Israel

Our R&D facility is located in Kfar Rut (30 minutes from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv) in the beautiful surroundings of Modiin, an excellent area to conduct our breeding program.

Unique HDR Technology

Décor Breeding develops varieties suitable to use as garden varieties in the hot and dry Mediterranean climate. These varieties are resistant to heat, dryness and high radiation during the hot season.

Our Story


The Drori family begins commercial production of cyclamens in Shdema Farms. Dan, head of the Drori family along with his wife Ziva, and his two sons Amir and Eyal gradually acquire knowledge and hands on experience and become known for their quality and standards


Amir Drori conducts his MSc. research and thesis at the Hebrew University Faculty of Agriculture in Rehovot on Propagating Cyclamen Through Tissue Culture


Amir Drori and family expand and establish another cyclamen farm in Kfar Rut while the Shdema Farms continues to grow cyclamens till today by Dan and Eyal and become one of the leading cyclamen growers in Israel

אלמנטים לאתר_עיגול סגול.png
אלמנטים לאתר_עיגול סגול.png
אלמנטים לאתר_עיגול סגול.png
אלמנטים לאתר_עיגול סגול.png


Amir Drori and Dr. Gideon Scovel begin a venture in Cyclamen Breeding

אלמנטים לאתר_עיגול סגול.png


Breakthrough in development of parent lines and establishment of Décor Breeding. 350 parent lines have been cultured at a level of high uniformity to allow the production of F1 hybrid varieties

אלמנטים לאתר_עיגול סגול.png


2018 – Cella - Our Mediterranean Cyclamen Seeds brand is established for distribution and is ready for trial samplings 

אלמנטים לאתר_עיגול סגול.png


2022– We have a breakthrough in our Cyclamen seeds brand, while proving more seeds for trial across regions and to growers around the world

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